It's quite simple. We develop players.

If you are looking to grow your child's love of the game, have them enjoy soccer in a low pressure environment with team mates and coaches they are familiar with then we are the club for you. Conversely, if you prefer winning at all costs, and a season without trophies is deemed a failure, then you will not enjoy your experience at FC Columbia County. Winning is a product of development, and not the other way around. 

We commit that in the ACADEMY program, your child will have the opportunity to grow, have fun, laugh and develop in a safe, local environment where parents are encouraged to join in and  be a part of the soccer community. We'd love to have you coach, also, if you'd like. 

In the RECREATIONAL program, we place a little more emphasis on results, but only on the back of a system where we have learned to play the correct way, with the fundamental principles as laid out in the Player Development Initiatives of US Soccer. 

In the COMPETITIVE program, we are focused on results and feel that these become a better indicator of how we have progressed as a club, but again, without losing sight of the development of each player. Playing time is not equal at the competitive level, and we place players in an environment where they can succeed. Scores are kept, commitment is required, and you will definitely get out what you put in. 

Bottom line, whichever program you feel best suits you, our philosophy centers around your child enjoying the game and want to come back every single time.