2015 - Present

In the Spring of 2015 we were alerted to a problem with the St Helens Youth Soccer Association. Try as they might, the Board was dwindling, and could no longer support the rec program without an infusion of new bodies to help out. What should be being built by a Board of a dozen people, was valiantly being kept afloat by three or four. 

It became a rescue mission. 

Even though we were barely out of year two, we felt we had the passion, the success and the drive to make soccer work in the community. A lot of the founders had come over from Scappoose Soccer Club, or had been around when St Helens was doing well. They knew how to run a club, and also recognized that without a thriving  base level recreational program, the competitive arm would have no players to learn the game basics before we took over. 

So we merged. 

We met with the Board of St Helens and proposed a take over which they gladly accepted. Several of the board stayed with us, and became involved with us, enjoying the fresh look, and new ideas, and welcoming the help that we had to offer. Slowly, we phased out the old ways and built a new club with almost 550 members it's first year. 

Today, the outlook is sunny! We're growing each year, and although are firmly out of the honeymoon phase, the club continues to enjoy relatively new horizons each year as it grows. As we introduce the academy programs, TOPSoccer and our own coaching philosophies, we look forward to introducing the game to hundreds of new players each year. 

Which means we can now look to the future.