Our Academy players are the youngest players we have in the club.

Starting at 5 years old and going to 9 years old, we give these younger payers two choices to play. The 'main' season is in the Fall. Typically a season will run from late-August and go until the end of October. 

Additionally, in the Spring, we will have indoor sessions for this same age group who want to continue paying, or who are not involved in another sport. 

Emphasis is placed on having fun. We do not keep score. We do not play 'travel' games any further than 8 miles away, and we focus entirely on the player's love of the game, and their building a good base of technical skills for the future. 

We play small-sided games, to emphasize as many touches on the ball as possible. There are fewer numbers per team so that everyone can get in on the action, and get plenty of playing time. 

We realize that for a lot of you parents, too, this is your first foray into the soccer world, and it can be confusing. Check our our parent section to make sure you're keeping up to date with the needs of your child. 

Fall Season Cost: $85

Spring Season Cost: $30/month

Uniform Cost: $30 (for 2 jerseys)

Scholarships are available. Email for more info.