Let's start with the best part: your kids play for free!

Now that we have the main financial benefit out of the way, we can tell you about the other options you have for coaching at FC Columbia County. 

As we have stressed, we want to develop good kids in the club. Results come second to development, and your role as a coach is key to that. We will train you, and get you certified here locally in a low-pressure fun environment where there is the absolute understanding that you are in this likely because no-one else stepped up to coach! It's how we all started! 

Aside from training, you will receive support from the Director of Coaching, and other senior coaches. At the academy level it is all about herding cats, and making sure shoes are on the right foot, you ended practice with the same number of kids you started with, and you have support from the parents on the sidelines. 

As you begin coaching older teams in our recreational program, the help gets better. We'll try to get you an assistant, and all the equipment you need to develop players even more. 

You will love coaching. We promise. It's one of the most rewarding things you will ever get to do, and you'll likely be at practice watching anyway, so why not join in, and have your child play for free.

All coaches must register with us, and pass a background check administered by the State Association. All coaches must take, and pass the required NHFS Concussion test.