So you're ready for the next step.

Your child is over 10 years old, and they have decided that soccer is something they enjoy and they'd like to play more than just two months a year?  Our competitive teams are the ones you're looking for. 

Competitive soccer spans two seasons (Fall and Spring) and differs from our recreational program significantly. Starting with the admission process, we ensure that the commitment we give to you is reciprocated from you to us. We ask you to commit fully in the summer and fall to training twice a week as well as tournaments in the summer. In the Spring we ask for 75% commitment as we realize that some kids do play other sports and will round-out their athletic journey with other sports. 

We play all home games in the turf field at St Helens High School as well as 90% of our training. We will also offer optional indoor sessions in the winter for players to continue to hone their technical skills. Additionally, all competitive players will receive integrated training with St Helens HS sessions where they join the high school players to experience what we hope will be their high school experience when they are old enough. 

Your coaches will be nationally licensed and you will travel to away games as far as Longview and Salem. In rare seasons we have traveled as far as Medford for games, but that is unusual. Should that occur, and overnight stay is required, we will suggest hotels for you to book for yourself. 

You will see from our costs that for the same training, schedule, field quality, and attention you are paying only 30% of what you would playing in 'bigger' clubs. FC Portland, for example, is $1750 to play.  We always encourage families to shop around and make the comparisons with other clubs to see how we stack up. 

Our competitive programs have been gaining more and more traction and success in the Portland Timbers and Thorns leagues, but we still emphasize the development of the player over the results and scores. Winning is great, and we have won tournaments and leagues, but it is on the back of putting the player and their growth first. 



We will be hosting tryouts for on June 26th, 2018 at St Helens High School.

We will be trying out girls born in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

There is NO tryout fee, or pre-registration. Simply show up and tryout. We encourage all girls to tryout on the specified date however, if you are unable to make the session, please email the DOC here, to arrange a separate tryout in the following 7 days. Separate tryouts will only be offered if there is space on the team after the main tryout, and we know the numbers we are taking.

IMPORTANT: if you make the competitive team, you no longer play in the recreational league. Please ensure you understand everything listed above. It's exciting, but is also a change if you are coming from a rec-only experience. We just want to make sure you're onboard and can commit. If you do not make the team then don't panic, you are still able to register as normal for your local recreational club. If you live in Scappoose, click here, and if you live in St Helens, click here

Good luck!

Fall Season Cost: $575*

Spring Season Cost: $125

Uniform Cost: $100

*Non-refundable $250 deposit due at time of offer of position on the team

Scholarships are available. Email for more info.