Once you have graduated from the Academy program, you are ready for the Recreational Travel teams. 

These teams are our 'middle' teams where focus is still on it being a part time sport, but you're getting a little bigger and better, and you play with more numbers on the field. 

Ability is not important on the recreational side of the club. We still want you to have fun, but you're getting older and are able to travel for games. Half the season you will pay at home, and half you will travel. Don't worry, it's not far: Portland and Hillsboro will be your furthest destinations, save for a few summer tournaments.

We have games that are 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 depending on your age group, and we practice twice a week with a game or two on the weekends. 

We have a required uniform, and everyone is welcome to join!

Fall Season Cost: $85

Uniform Cost: $30 (for 2 jerseys)

Scholarships are available. Email for more info.